New York City Colleges

There are hundreds of colleges and univerities in New York City. Here are four of my favorites:

1.) Columbia Univeristy: Located in the Upper West Side of Manhattan, Columbia University is the only Ivy-League school in New York City. As a result, students receive a prestigious education but at a cost; full-time tuition/fees are $36,000 which do not factor in room/board. Columbia is a liberal arts college and offers various majors ranging from Education, History, Mathematics, Physical Sciences, and Social Sciences. Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate degrees are offered. More information can be found at

2.) The Cooper Union the Advancement of Science and Art: Located in the East Village of Manhattan, the Cooper Union is a specialized college which only offers three majors: Architecture, Art, and Engineering. Although limited in its majors, students receive one of the best educations in the US and best of all, all admitted students receive a full-tution scholarship. Yes, a free education which was proclaimed by its founder, Peter Cooper. Students can only obtain a Bachelor or Master degree. More information can be found at

3.) Baruch College: Part of the City University of New York (CUNY), Baruch is located in the Flatiron district of Manhattan and offers Bachelor and Master degree programs in Business, Arts and Sciences, and Public Affairs. Its Zicklin School of Business is the largest and one of the most respected business schools in the nation. Baruch is a public college and offers an inexpensive education for residents of New York; non-residents have to pay extra. More information can be found at

4.) Polytechnic Univeristy: Located in Brooklyn, Polytechnic is one of New York’s oldest Engineering private colleges. Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate degrees are offered in various engineering, mathematics, and science majors. Tuition/fees are about $28,000 which does not factor in room and board. More information can be found at

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