Riders Responsible for Subway Delays

The Transit Authority recently published a Top 10 list of reasons why NYC subways were delayed. Making the Top 10 for 2006 was “Customers Holding Doors,” which on average caused 346 delays each month and “Unruly Customers,” which on average contributed to 313 delays each month. As a New Yorker that regularly uses the subway, I have been on trains that were delayed getting out of the station because another rider decided to hold the door for his/her friends, simply blocked the door because the train was so crowded, or tried to squeeze into a train as the doors were …continue reading

Brooklyn Democratic Leader Clarence Norman Jr. Convicted

Norman Clarence Jr.

Clarence Norman Jr. who is a former assembly and former head of the Brooklyn Democratic Party was convicted of grand larceny on Feb. 23rd, 2007. Norman was convicted of illegally soliciting and pocketing campagin money. This is not the first criminal case, but the fourth case against Norman. He resigned right after his first conviction. In his previous trials, Norman was charged with stealing $5,000 from his 2001 campaign donation and trying to conceal another $10,000. In another case, although Norman was was not charged directly with selling judgeships, the trial brought needed attention to the process by which judges …continue reading