Riders Responsible for Subway Delays

The Transit Authority recently published a Top 10 list of reasons why NYC subways were delayed. Making the Top 10 for 2006 was “Customers Holding Doors,” which on average caused 346 delays each month and “Unruly Customers,” which on average contributed to 313 delays each month. As a New Yorker that regularly uses the subway, I have been on trains that were delayed getting out of the station because another rider decided to hold the door for his/her friends, simply blocked the door because the train was so crowded, or tried to squeeze into a train as the doors were closing. The worst delays happen when riders hold/block the doors at major stations such as 42nd Street or at Lexington Avenue since these stations are usually the most crowded/busy. The MTA stated that more New Yorkers are now taking the subways resulting in more crowded trains and may account for “Customers Holding Doors” as the 5th leading cause of delays, up from 20th place in 2001. The MTA could not explain why there is an increase in “Unruly Behavior,” which placed 8th on the list. I could only speculate the frustration caused by train delays caused by “Track Work,” which is #1 (on average 1,640 delays/month) got on some riders nerves.

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