Luxury Pizza

Only in New York City can a pizza cost $1,000. This so-called luxury pizza is being offered by Nino’s Bellissima Pizza (890 Second Avenue, New York NY 10017 (at 47th Street)), a upscale pizzeria. The high cost is due to the non-traditional ingredents used: crème fraîche, six kinds of caviar, slices of fresh lobster, and fresh Japanese wasabi. This maybe just one publicity stunt, but the owner says that two people have already brought the pizza. This is not the first luxury food item offered in New York City, there is the $1,000 omelete offered at Norma’s in the Le …continue reading

Cowardly Bandit

It is being played all over the USA right now, the video of a robber preying on a 101 year old woman and this video has caused an uproar to New York residents. New Yorkers have flooded the tip lines with leads to the mugger who beat up the Rose Morat, a Queens senior. This senseless and cowardly crime put Morat in the hospital for four days. In all, police have filtered more than 1,000 calls, many offering information that has helped them close in on a suspect, whom police also have linked to an attack on Elizee Solange, 85. …continue reading

Spring Forward


Remember to set your clocks 1 hour ahead on 2 a.m. this Sunday, three weeks earlier than normal. We can all thank the Engery Policy Act of 2005 signed by George W. Bush for the change; Daylight Savings Time (DST) will now begin on the 2nd Sunday in March and end the 1st Sunday in November. The Energy Policy Act was created in hopes to reduce energy use. However, the change in DST definition means that computers, software, and other electronic devices made before 2006 may not properly adjust the time this Sunday.

Times Square Mega Millions Drawing

Mega Millions

Referred as the largest Lotto cash payout in history, last night’s 390 million dollar lottery drawing was watched across the country as Yolanda Vega called out the winning numbers, 6-22-29-39-42 with a Mega Ball of 20 in Times Square. According to the Mega Millions website, there are two winners, who will split the 390 million dollar. The two winning tickets were from Georgia and from New Jersey. There are actually eight New Yorkers that matched five of the numbers, which means they won $250,000 each. Mega Millions takes place across 12 states, California, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, …continue reading

KFC/Taco Bell Rat Infestation

After giving the Greenwich Village KFC/Taco Bell a passing inspection, the city’s Department of Health had to close the store down after TV camera crews and passerbys videotaped rats roaming around the store after closing. This story brings back memories of the Dunkin Donut rat debacle that occured several years ago in the city, where a rat was photographed in the window front. In the video, several rats are seen climbing and running around the tables and chairs of the restuarant in plain view. This situation has now left New Yorkers wondering about the validity of the Health Department’s restaurant …continue reading

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