Pinkberry Store Opening

Pinkberry is a popular chain yogurt store which made its debut in Los Angeles and has been doing quite well in there. The first Pinkberry store opened in NYC’s K-town last year and subsequently 3 more stores have appeared, the lastest on Spring Street. Pinkberry only offers two flavors, plain and green tea; I find that the green tea is a little bit too tart for my taste. According to Pinkberry’s website their yogurt is fat-free. It is actually the toppings that give this yogurt an additonal ‘pop.’ Toppings range from nuts, candy, to fresh fruits, in the Los Angeles’ chains I noticed that the most popular topping is mochi (i.e. rice cake). The interior decoration is very unique and offers Alessi kitchen items for sale. Pinkberry is so popular in Los Angeles that a whole bunch of copycats have sprung up with similar names, Chill Berry, Snow Berry, etc…. There are rumors that Pinkberry is actually a copycat of a popular yogurt chain from South Korea (Red Mango), but I cannot confirm this. Unlike the Los Angeles popularity, I do not see long lines out the doors of the NYC chains, maybe it is because New Yorker’s are accostumed to their Tasti-D-Lite.

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