KFC/Taco Bell Rat Infestation

After giving the Greenwich Village KFC/Taco Bell a passing inspection, the city’s Department of Health had to close the store down after TV camera crews and passerbys videotaped rats roaming around the store after closing. This story brings back memories of the Dunkin Donut rat debacle that occured several years ago in the city, where a rat was photographed in the window front. In the video, several rats are seen climbing and running around the tables and chairs of the restuarant in plain view. This situation has now left New Yorkers wondering about the validity of the Health Department’s restaurant inspections. The Greenwich Village KFC/Taco Bell is one of 20 other such stores owned by ADF.

In response to the video that has been shown all over TV and the internet, Health Commissioner Thomas Frieden said the city’s failure to immediately shut the Greenwich Village KFC/Taco Bell after learning of the rat problem was not acceptable. The inital inspector of that store has now been removed from duty and other inspector’s reports will now be re-examined. ADF has also made a statement that they are embarassed with situation and that they will be ordering reinspections for the other stores in New York City.


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