Luxury Pizza

Only in New York City can a pizza cost $1,000. This so-called luxury pizza is being offered by Nino’s Bellissima Pizza (890 Second Avenue, New York NY 10017 (at 47th Street)), a upscale pizzeria. The high cost is due to the non-traditional ingredents used: crème fraîche, six kinds of caviar, slices of fresh lobster, and fresh Japanese wasabi. This maybe just one publicity stunt, but the owner says that two people have already brought the pizza. This is not the first luxury food item offered in New York City, there is the $1,000 omelete offered at Norma’s in the Le Parker Meridien hotel and the $1,000 sundae (with edible gold leaf sugar flowers) at Serendipity’s.

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  • JediJim

    Why would anyone pay for this? I would rather spend the $1000 on a 5 course meal at some fancy restaurant with my girlfriend.

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