Google Maps Street Views

Google Maps Street View of Times Square, NYC

All I can say is “Simply Amazing.” Google Maps is already a great tool and now Google has even made it better for New Yorkers and those planning to visit New York. There is a new feature called “Street View,” where you can drag an orange figure along the major streets of Manhattan and take a virtual walk in which you can pan, rotate, and zoom onto street photos. Here is screenshot of Times Square:

Go here to take a test run of the new Google feature. All the major streets of Manhattan are covered, while only some of the …continue reading

Cashless Tolls

Port Authority Toll

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey is planning to implement a cashless toll system on all the six bridges and tunnels connecting New York and New Jersey. Currently, there are cash tolls and E-Z pass tolls at these crossings. The Port Authority believes that by eliminating the cash tolls will reduce congestion. The plan is to install cameras that will take pictures of a car’s license and send a bill to the car’s owner if the car does not have a E-Z pass transmitter. Currently, cash tolls cause traffic slowdowns because drivers need to stop and …continue reading

Pinkberry – Not Yogurt?

I was recently in Los Angeles, where the Pinkberry craze is still running full throttle. There are lines out the stores, which translates to 15-20 min waits. However, there is currently a lawsuit filed by Byran Williams, a Los Angeles resident and consumer, against Pinkberry on the grounds of false advertisement. According to the lawsuit, Pinkberry’s frozen yogurt is not actually yogurt since it contains no bacteria cultures. In addition, California Law also states that frozen yogurt sold in retail establishments must be obtained from a licensed manufacturer and fermented after pasteurization, with its ingredients prominently displayed to consumers. Williams …continue reading

The Guggenheim Museum: The Jewel In New York’s Artistic Crown

The Guggenheim Museum in New York City

The image of New York in art and popular culture has long been cemented as one of timeless universality. In the world of painting and photography, among a host of other art forms, New York has been one of the central muses of the art world: from the controversy over Diego Rivera’s Man at the Crossroads mural in the Rockerfeller Center in 1936, to Jonathan Hyman’s post-9/11 photography exhibitions, art has been an important component of the shaping of New York. Amidst its host of world-renowned galleries are the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), The Metropolitan Museum and, perhaps most …continue reading