Record High Food Stamp Use Keeps Rising


As the economic crisis continues and the unemployment rate goes up, a record amount of Americans now receive food stamps. According to the New York Times, a record one in every eight Americans now receives food stamps, including one in every four children.

The worst part is that the numbers continue to grow at ridiculous rates with around 20,000 new people receiving food stamps each day. Interestingly enough, the biggest rises have not been seen in the usual areas where poverty is more prevalent but in suburban communities that had once been affluent until they were struck hard …continue reading

Vivienne Westwood: Designer Spotlight

Vivienne Westwood, Fashion Designer

Vivienne Westwood is one of the most innovative designers of all time. She started the whole punk style back in the 70’s with her London store, which was called Sex. Her designs are works of art, and have been featured in museums all over the country, such as the Metropolitan in New York (Anglomania exhibition) to the Legion of Honor in San Francisco.

She is known for designing notoriously huge shoes that even Naomi Campbell fell off the runway in. Aside from being one of the inventors of punk fashion, she has brought back Victorian era outfits (with a modern twist, of …continue reading

Bush Lost Afghanistan, bin Laden From The Start


Though most people already knew, a Senate Foreign Relations Committee report made the fact that the United States missed a perfect opportunity to capture or kill Osama bin Laden at the very beginning of the war in Afghanistan official.

According to the report ordered by Foreign Relations Committee Chairman and former Presidential candidate John Kerry, the United States had an opportunity to capture bin Laden but blew it by sending much fewer troops than necessary, allowing bin Laden and his deputies to escape into the treacherous mountains of the region.

The report also makes it clear that …continue reading

Judges Use Tax Dollars for Personal Items

NY Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman

A New York Post investigation has found that New York judges have been using taxpayer funds to pay for personal things like iPods, portraits, and trips.

Although judges get $10,000 expense allowances (double what they had gotten until this year), they also receive reimbursements for “work-related expenses.” The total of these reimbursements? More than $12.5 million per year.

The investigation found that judges have a tendency of playing it fast and loose with these reimbursements, asking the state to foot the bill for an iPod Touch, a self portrait, and “meditation retreats.”

The Post story details …continue reading

Top 10 most fashionable movies

Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany

Throughout time movies have been a big influence on fashion, and vice versa. There have been tons of movies that make all girls (and some guys) wet themselves at the costumes. A fashionable movie is always great to watch, because even if you won’t go running out to buy yourself a vintage gown from the 1800’s, you get to really expand your fashion horizons. Also, good costumes make up for the movie’s badness… so if you see some “bad” movies below, remember: it’s all about the outfits. Which are fabulous, of course.

10) Australia

A winner for Nicole Kidman – who really proves …continue reading

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