What if Anthony Weiner Ran?

Rep. Anthony Weiner

Rep. Anthony Weiner

The surprisingly close finish of the mayoral race between overwhelming favorite Michael Bloomberg and largely unknown City Comptroller Bill Thompson has left many Democrats wondering what could have been.
After Michael Bloomberg succeeded in extending city term limits to three, all of his major opponents bowed out of the race assuming that he would once again win by a landslide. Bloomberg took numerous steps to insure his victory which included spending a whopping $100 million on his reelection campaign. That is almost a quarter of what Obama spent to win a nationwide election while Bloomberg received less than 700,000 votes. In total, Michael Bloomberg spent more $150 per every vote that he received whereas Thompson spent around $13 for every vote that he received.

Still, on election day, Bloomberg barely pulled out a victory as the voter turnout among people opposed to his term limits stunt and his big spending was much better than that off Bloomberg supporters.

With the margin of victory by a big spending incumbent mayor over a Democrat many had never heard of being as small as it was, many began to wonder what if Congressman Anthony Weiner ran for a third time.

Ironically, Weiner intended to run originally but left the race when his fund raising started out much slower than expected. With Weiner’s name recognition and supporters far outweighing that of Thompson, many argue that the third time would be the charm for the former two-time mayoral candidate.

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