NYC a Dangerous Place For Pedestrians

pedestrianSome states struggle with their murder rate, New York City struggles with their pedestrian casualty rate. According to a new study, there has never been more dangerous a time to walk on the streets of New York City.

The study, which looked at all of the traffic accidents that occurred in New York City in 2008 said that 31 percent of those accidents involved pedestrians, a rate higher than that of any other city.

Aside from just those pedestrians injured in accidents, a total of 317 pedestrians died as a result of being killed in a car accident.

The Department of Transportation pointed out that New York City has more pedestrians than any other city and has actually seen a 62 percent decline in pedestrian deaths over the past twenty years.

Some of the authors of the study of the report aren’t buying it. One of the authors points out that while the city got more than $5.5 billion in federal transportation funds, only one percent of that was spent on improving safety for pedestrians and bicyclists.

This report comes at an alarming time. Since gas prices peaked and the economy collapsed, the number of people using bicycles to get around has jumped a whopping 26 percent and many wonder if the city is doing enough to ensure the safety of all of the new cyclists.

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