Community Colleges No Longer Take All

College ClassroomFor the first time ever, New York City’s community colleges are no longer accepting everyone that applies because all six are filled.

Since the economic crisis, more and more people are returning to school and more and more people can no longer afford to attend a four-year school. Thousands were turned away by community college this fall semester with admissions at an all-time high.

The news isn’t all bad. Because of the lack of jobs, countless people have gone to college who normally wouldn’t have in order to have a better chance in an incredibly difficult job market, many of them to two-year schools.

This also comes as good news to the Obama Administration who created more funding for community colleges across the country and expect to see an extra five million students graduate from two year schools instead of skipping college completely. In New York, however, a budget crisis will soon force the state to cut the budgets of community colleges. Earlier this year, New York City raised tuition of all city schools.

Despite the budget crisis and the fact that the existing six colleges will see their funds get cut, New York is continuing to fund construction of a new community college in Manhattan but only expect it to fit around 3,000 students.

As we noted earlier this week, David Paterson intends to cut $3.2 billion from the state budget, nearly a billion of that from the education budget.

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