This Year’s Knicks Worst Ever

Knicks Center David Lee

Knicks Center David Lee

As the Knicks were busy preparing to go after LeBron James when his contract expires after the season, their present team, continually got worse and worse until they became “the worst” on Friday.

Following a 121-107 loss to the Golden State Warriors, the Knicks’ record fell to 1-9, the worst in the team’s mixed history. The problems have come despite the fact that the Knicks still have a very high payroll and are beginning their second season with the former coach of the NBA championship winning Phoenix Suns.

The Knicks’ problems come from the fact that the general state of the team can only be described as a mess.

The team lacks any real leadership and has misused their up-and-coming stars like Danillo Gallinari while sticking with players like Chris Duhon who has been atrocious all season.

The front office is too focused on bringing King James to New York (something that is still far from being a certainty) in order to sell tickets and jerseys, not win games.

The players are certainly not without blame. Despite always looking solid, on offense and defense, in practice, the team fails to show up on the defensive side of the ball come game time and only occasionally shoot the ball at a decent rate.

Get ready for a long season Knicks fans, it isn’t going to be pretty.

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