Staten Island Teenager Run Over In Front of School

A 17-year-old female student was run over outside of Tottenville High School on November 13. The victim, Janine Brawer is now in the hospital in “grave condition,” with severe head and internal injuries.

The accident was happened because of a car crash that caused a chain reaction. At 11:30 am, a Nissan Maxima stopped to allow Brawer to safely cross Luten Ave., after an early dismissal from school, when suddenly, a Saturn rear-ended the Nissan and pushed the car into the teenager, pinning her underneath.

17-year-old Janine Brawer who was run over outside Tottenville High School

17-year-old Janine Brawer who was run over outside Tottenville High School

Rescue workers arrived and managed to extract Brawer, who at that point suffered from cardiac arrest during the collision. She was then transported to Staten Island University Hospital, where underwent several surgeries.

Both of the drivers are believed to be students at the school. Neither driver had any charges filed against them.

“Everybody is in shock,” said Cheryl Ramirez, 17, also a junior at Tottenville High School.

“We’re just praying for her,” said a friend who didn’t want to use her name. “She’s loved by a lot of people.”

The accident sparked some controversy among parents who say the streets outside Tottenville High School are unsafe. Luten Avenue in particular is a ¾ of a mile stretch with no traffic lights or stop signs.

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