CUNY Freshmen Can't Do Simple Math

famguyLast week we discussed the record numbers of people that were applying to Community Colleges and City University of New York schools in general but a new study suggests that the colleges have their work cut out for them.

According to a report done by CUNY itself, 90% of students who graduated from city high schools and are entering a four-year (not two-year) CUNY school cannot do a simple algebra problem. More than a third of the students tested could not convert a fraction into a decimal.

More than 70% of the CUNY system is made up of students who graduated from New York City public schools.

The shocking results stunned city officials who had been thinking that programs like the No Child Left Behind plan were helping students when in fact those programs forced schools to prepare students for tests, not educate them on the fundamentals.

While so many New York City public school did perfectly fine in high school, officials are now hopefully realizing that the system that the city has in place misrepresents the reality of how well students are doing.

Many in the government are already calling for quick reforms of the education system…so that a college student can do an algebra problem.

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