Cuomo Shaping Ticket in Race for Governor

Attorney General Andrew Cuomo

Attorney General Andrew Cuomo

The New York Times is reporting that Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo has been discussing with advisors potential candidates to run alongside him in order to present a winning democratic ticket to the public.

Cuomo has been discussing candidates that would make the ticket more diverse – the key to winning over a diverse city like New York. Mr. Cuomo has said he is intrigued by Bill Thompson, who barely lost the mayoral election to Michael Bloomberg earlier this November. Annalists say that adding a prominent African-American could help Cuomo get elected, and calm any naysayers if the state’s first African-American governor, David Paterson, stays in the race.

Publicly, however, Cuomo is still not answering questions on whether he will run for governor, although anonymous advisors told the New York Times he is already strategizing.

The question of whether he will or he won’t depends on so much more than just his desire. His success depends on which Republicans will be running and whether current New York City governor David Paterson stays in the race. There is also a growing number of republicans throughout New York State that could affect his campaign.

Many say that is Paterson stays in the race and runs against Cuomo, there will be no competition at all. Governor Paterson has the lowest rating of any New York City governor, even lower than Elliot Spitzer – the day after his scandal.

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