Experts Say Bloomberg In Need Of Humble Pie

NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg

NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg

The day after the mayoral race in New York City, there was much speculation as to why Bloomberg didn’t receive that landslide victory every New Yorker thought he was going to have.

First, they blamed the term limits fiasco, then the economy, and now many are saying that it is Bloomberg’s inability to identify with the average New Yorker.

Political Analysts told the New York Times that the mayor needs to start acting a little more humble.

Bloomberg is known for his arrogance and self-certainty, and this is what made him a genius in the business world. However, regular New Yorkers do not see it as such. Many are still very upset after Bloomberg changed the law and ran for a third time – saying his ego is a little out of control.

Also, as the city struggles with a $5 billion deficit, and many are out of work, Bloomberg is taking vacations to Bermuda, buying expensive suits, buying his daughter property in Florida so she can ride horses, and toting cameras around with him wherever he goes, especially in poorer sections of the city.

Mayor Bloomberg also tends to spend all of his time in Manhattan, attending events and parties, and very little time in the rest of New York – where, according to residents he should be, listening to his constituents.

Listening is something Mayor Bloomberg seems to refuse to do. After just barely winning the election, his response the day after the election was saying that he had “as close to a mandate as I think you can possibly come.”

Many agree that Michael Bloomberg needs to take a look around, listen to the people of the city and focus on problems important to them, thereby running the city like a democracy rather than a dictator.

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