Smokers Banned From Apartments in NYC!

Anti-Smokers Mayor Mike Bloomberg

Anti-Smokers Mayor Mike Bloomberg

Ever since New York City and New York state began their war on smokers people have had to pay a ridiculous tax to light up when they can even find a place where they are allowed to. Well it hasn’t ended there, smokers are now not being allowed to smoke in their own homes.

According to the New York Times, landlords are now cracking down on people smoking INSIDE THEIR OWN HOME! What was once the only place that smokers can smoke without standing in the street is now the new front of the war on smokers.

What’s more is that many landlords are even banning smoking anywhere around the building, in front of the building, and even on the same block as the building.

The news comes right before Related Companies begins a ban on smoking in their buildings located in Harlem. It also comes at a time that the city is pushing to ban smoking in parks and beaches.

This phenomenon has even militant non-smokers up in arms. If a person can no longer smoke in his own home, where is the line drawn? If a person can no longer smoke outside, where does it end?

For many in New York, this has stopped being an anti-smoking issue and has become a simple rights issue. At what point does the city stop creating new policies on what we can and can’t do? At what point can a person do what they want to do without bothering anyone else in the privacy of their own home?

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