50 Million Go Hungry in America

will workWhile the United States frequently sends food and aid to improvised nations, the government has been ignoring the needs of the hungry here at home.

According to the Department of Agriculture, nearly 50 million people or one in every six Americans, went hungry last year. The rate went up more than four percent from what it had been in 2007.

The United States Department of Agriculture classified “going hungry” as not having enough food or resources for enough food to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Former presidential candidate and current Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack has stated that he expects the rate to increase even more this year as the economic crisis takes its toll on the most vulnerable among us.

The most worrisome number is the rate of hunger among children. Nearly 17 million children went hungry in 2008, four million more than in 2007.

Critics are up in arms over this latest report. Several pundits have likened the seldom mentioned food crisis to the state of some third world countries. It is hard to defend against that kind of analysis when a quarter of American children do not have enough food to live a normal lifestyle.

The government has said that this is simply a problem of families being hit hard by the crisis and the government not having enough money to help feed the hungry. In 2008, Congress signed a bill to give nearly a trillion dollars to bailout banks. In 2008, the government also spent more than $600 billion on its defense budget.

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