Bloomberg Wants Even More Budget Cuts

Mayor Mike Bloomberg

Mayor Mike Bloomberg

While New York Governor David Paterson tries to convince the state legislature to cut $3.2 billion from the state budget, New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg wants to cut an additional $1.7 billion from the city budget.

Mayor Mike has said that he wants to cut $500 million from this years budget and $1.2 from next year’s.

His plan would involve cutting 1.5% of the education budget, 2% from the “uniformed services” (i.e. cops, firefighters), and 4% from everything else this year.

Next year, the education system would have its budget cut by an additional 4%, as would uniformed services and an 8% cut across the board for all other agencies.

Bloomberg has asked agency leaders to have new budget proposals submitted by the beginning of December.

The news comes right after Bloomberg’s re-election and is obviously something that he was holding off on announcing until he was sure he would still be mayor next year.

These budget cuts are similar to the ones that Bloomberg wanted earlier this year before Congress passed the Obama Stimulus bill which helped New York City save around 20,000 public sector jobs.

In total, the education budget is expected to be decimated if both Bloomberg and Paterson get the budget cuts that they are pushing for. Paterson is seeking to cut the state education budget by around half a billion dollars.

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