Cuomo Surges in Poll, Considers Thompson For Ticket

Attorney General (Next Governor?) Andrew Cuomo

Attorney General (Next Governor?) Andrew Cuomo

Though New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has not dropped his hat in the governor’s race yet, he already leads incumbent Governor David Paterson by nearly 60% in a recent poll by Siena Reseach Institute.

The wildly unpopular governor, who is currently pushing for massive budget cuts in Albany, does not appear to have a chance if he has to face Cuomo in a Democratic primary next year.

The news comes after Paterson spent half-a-million dollars on ads to promote his re-election campaign.

According to the poll, Paterson would even be defeated by largely unknown Republic Rick Lazio by a three-point margin. According to the voters, they want anyone but Paterson.

In any case, Cuomo will in all likelihood run and in all likelihood win. In fact, he has already begun to consider possible running mates.

Hoping to win a good deal of the African- American vote from the African-American governor, Cuomo is particularly looking for high profile African-American candidates. The one name that keeps popping up is former New York City Comptroller Bill Thompson who made headlines when he nearly upset Michael Bloomberg earlier this month in the mayoral election.

Cuomo is the former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and has been the New York Attorney General since 2007 after winning the seat by nearly 20%. He is also the son of former New York State Governor Mario Cuomo.

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