Rudy For Senate?

Rudy Giuliani and Convicted Felon Bernard Kerik

Rudy Giuliani and Convicted Felon Bernard Kerik

After never-ending speculation about what former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani will do after a downright embarrassing presidential bid in which he spent more than $50 million and got only one delegate in the Republican Primaries, it appears that Rudy Giuliani won’t run for governor and will run for the Senate in 2010.

All news sources have reported that Rudy Giuliani will not run for governor of New York (which means that Attorney General Andrew Cuomo’s toughest opponent will not be in the race). Instead, it appears that Rudy will be running for the Senate seat that Hillary Clinton vacated earlier this year and is now occupied by Kirsten Gillibrand.

The news was good for the Democrats who will likely not see a strong Republican opponent in the race for Governor but terrible news for Gillibrand whose reelection prospects were dim to begin with, especially since she was never elected (she was appointed by Governor David Paterson).

Rudy would definitely be the overwhelming favorite to win the Republican primary and would likely beat Gillibrand. On the other hand, Rudy’s popularity has considerably dropped since he changed his view on almost every issue in order to appeal to more Republican voters. If the Democrats could find a stronger opponent than Gillibrand, they would have a much better shot than the media would have us believe.

Something to consider if Giuliani runs for Senate is the fact that he would likely run for President once again in 2012, using the Senate to get back into the national politics scene.

It will be interesting if Giuliani will continue to use the same talking points that he did to appeal to the conservatives in 2008 (a complete shift from where he previously stood) or if he will moderate himself once again so as to avoid alienating New York voters among whom the Palin-Beck conservative movement has not caught on.

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