Albany on Trial

Former GOP Senate Leader Joseph Bruno

Former GOP Senate Leader Joseph Bruno

As former Republican State Senate Leader Joseph Bruno defends himself in his high profile corruption trial, the entire corrupt Albany system is being picked apart as well.

As prosecutors attack Bruno’s tactics in mixing his business interests with his politics interests while directly lying to the public about what was happening. The single biggest point that prosecutors have stumbled upon in the trial has been just how easy it was for Bruno to get away with everything that he did.

The focus of the trial has been the $3+ million that Bruno earned while working as as a consultant…out of his Senate office. Another interesting aspect is how Bruno used his publicly paid Senate staff to carry out tasks for Bruno’s business and his clients.

On top of just violating basic laws that prohibit officials from campaigning for office from their Senate office much less using it for business, Bruno is also accused of using his power to reward his clients to the tune of millions in taxpayer funds.

For the people of New York, this is much more than just the trial of one of the most powerful men in New York, this is a look at the incredibly dirty yet seldom seen world of New York State politics. Joseph Bruno, who faces twenty years in jail if he is convicted, is only a person who played the game better than anyone else. The fact that he got away with it for so long is not a testament to how careful he was (he obviously wasn’t) but how corrupt the system has become that no one even paid attention.

As the saying goes, there are two things that people do not want to se get made, one is sausages, the other is laws. Especially in Albany.

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