Best Places To Shop In New York City That Will Get You More Bank For Your Buck

H&M on 34st.

H&M on 34st.

New York City is the center of fashion, home to a ton of eclectic styles, and home to tons and tons of shops, boutiques, department stores. However, staying in style could be tough in this economy. So I have provided a list of the best stores where you can find clothes that will keep you looking good, without spending all your hard-earned dollars.


1328 Broadway, New York, NY 10001

H&M might seem like an obvious answer, but it is still one of the best places to go to get great deals on this season’s latest styles. They have something for everyone, whether your look is classy, hipster-y, punk, goth, chic… whatever you need, H&M has got it.

Century 21

22 Cortlandt St., New York, NY 10007

People underestimate Century 21, but this is the place where you can get last season’s designer duds for prices that start at $2.99. This is the place to go to get last minute dresses, stock up on sweaters for the winter, dresses for the summer, etc.

Salvation Army

208 Eighth Ave., New York, NY 10011

Shopping thrift can be a little iffy, but this particular location is an excellent place to get designer clothes for bare-bottom prices. The people who donate their clothes to this location are the usual, wealthy, Seventh Avenue ladies and gentlemen. This store is stocked with designer jeans (Guess, Seven, Ed Hardy), designer shoes, dresses, everything. Some items are marked down because they may have minimal damage, such as a tiny rip, or a stain on the inside. If you don’t mind that, this store is just perfect.

Lord & Taylor

424 Fifth Ave. (at 38th St), New York, NY 10019

This store is a lot like Century 21, it lets you buy designer clothes cheap. However, Lord & Taylor is geared a little more towards young people, offering tons of florals, animal prints, chunky earrings and jewelry.

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