Man From Queens Accused of Killing His Family

_44534571_handcuffs_ap226bA Queens man was charged with murdering his wife and son on Saturday, after their bodies were found in a closet wrapped in black plastic with their throats cut, according to authorities. The woman was 54 years old, and the son was just 14.

The man’s name is Otto Herrarte, and he is 48 years old. He was charged with two counts of second-degree murder when, during questioning, he indicated that he had killed his wide and son before hiding the bodies.

Neighbors said the family was normally calm and quiet. They lived in a conservative Peruvian household. One neighbor mentioned that another son, 15, also lived there.

The police were called by one of Mr. Herrarte’s co-workers, who said that she was with Mr. Herrarte and he had told her about the bodies. He had asked her to join him in taking his 15-year-old son to a relative’s house. It was then that he told her about the bodies in the closet.

During questioning, Herrarte said he had a dual personality, and it was that dual personality that killed his wife and son, not just him.

Reportedly, the 15-year-old son came home and asked where his mother and brother are, to which Mr. Herrarte replied that they had been in a car accident and would not be home. They stayed in the apartment overnight, and the 15-year-old son never became aware of the bodies in the closet.

Reports say that the murders happened while the victims were asleep, but police cannot confirm the report.

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