NYPD Won’t Stop Stop-and-Frisk Program

copsWhen Michael Bloomberg campaigned for re-election, one of his biggest claims was his work to lower crime in the city. While crime did indeed go down under the Bloomberg but so did the level of civil liberties that New Yorkers have.

Now, it appears that the controversial and seemingly unconstitutional NYPD Stop-and-Frisk program will continue despite countless calls from civil liberties and beleaguered New Yorkers to stop the searches of innocent New Yorkers.

The NYPD’s Stop-and-Frisk program has been going on for years. Each and every year the NYPD stops more than half of a million New Yorkers, mostly minorities and people in their teens and twenties, and frisks them, despite their being no evidence that the person did anything wrong.

Of the New Yorkers stopped, only six percent are given a summons and seven percent are arrested.

Essentially, the program makes simply walking down the street cause to be stopped by an officer and searched as passers-by watch and assume the worst.

The NYCLU has been protesting this program since its inception, arguing that statistically the program overwhelmingly targets minorities, especially African-Americans.

It is this program that has made New York City the marijuana arrest capital of the country. Nearly 40,000 people were arrested for marijuana possession in New York in 2008 while other states and cities around the country have decriminalized marijuana arguing that controlling pot is a massive waste of city resources.

For more on the NYPD Stop-and-Frisk program, click here.

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