Pressure On New York City Democrats to Back Health Care

Dan Cantor, president of the WFP

Dan Cantor, president of the WFP

Groups with union backing are now pressuring House Democrats from New York and New Jersey to back the party’s efforts to change the health care system.

The organizations include the Communications Workers of America and the Working Families Party. Both parties say that they are disappointed that New York City and New Jersey lawmakers voted against the health care bill that was approved by the House earlier this month. They also said that it is possible they would withdraw their political support from them or even oppose them in next year’s elections unless they back the legislation.

This is not a pleasant though for the Democratic Party that is worried their candidates might face a tough election next year. The Working Families Party is also becoming a force to be reckoned with, and managed to help propel a number of local and citywide candidates in the November elections in New York.

The health care bill is a major step toward President Obama’s goal of fixing the country’s health care system, and although the House passed the bill, they will still have to negotiate the final bill with the Senate, who will probably pass their own version of the bill.

“There’s always a chance for them to redeem themselves,” said Dan Cantor, executive director of the Working Families Party, to the New York Times. “But if they vote ‘no’ on the final bill, people will go ballistic.”

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