Budget Battle Continues in Albany

NY Gov. David Paterson

NY Gov. David Paterson

While Governor David Paterson has been pushing the legislature to cut the state budget by $3.2 billion, top Democrats have been reluctant to make the tough cuts to education and hospitals, opting to push for bigger debt in order to keep their jobs.

While the State Assembly is on board, the State Senate, particularly the Carl Krueger-led finance committee, has been reluctant to make tough, unpopular, but seemingly necessary decisions.

In response to the stalling by the Senate, Paterson has proposed an emergency bill that would allow him to make the necessary cuts, and thus taking the blame for the unpopular move. A pretty gutsy thing to do for an unpopular governor running for re-election.

Paterson has continually warned that further delays will hurt the state, damage its credit rating, and make the interest payments on our debt much higher and thus putting New York into an even bigger financial hole.

The Governor has also promised to keep the Senate in Albany over Thanksgiving if they do not get something done by then.

Although no budget cuts are popular, Paterson is actually coming off as the good guy in all of this because he has shown that he is willing to consistently stick his neck on the line and make the decisions that he believes to be the right ones, even if it hurts his popularity and chances of re-election.

We’ll keep you updated on the state’s budget moves as the Senate continues to debate actually doing something to keep the state from entering a California-type collapse.

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