Swine Flu Threat Much Lower Than Expected

Swine Flu Risk Was Way Overblow by Media

Swine Flu Risk Was Way Overblow by Media

After all the fear-mongering by the media and the strong language from the government, it appears that Swine Flu is, as many skeptics argued all year, not nearly as widespread or dangerous as the media would have us believe.

The New York Times reports that while the New York City and the rest of the country has vaccinated a pretty low amount of people, the infection rates and danger of the H1N1 virus has been way overblown.

While the city has struggled to vaccinate the people that the Center for Disease Control considers to be most at risk, the government has actually stated that the amount of people infected is considerably lower than they had feared and the CDC has admitted that the virus has greatly subsided in much of the United States.

More so, emergency rooms around the country are reporting much fewer cases of swine flu admissions than was expected by the government.

Many had been arguing ever since H1N1 began to spread earlier this year that the media was doing nothing but ensuing a panic despite there being no real evidence that the Swine Flu would be as widespread and dangerous as they claimed.

Others have also been arguing that the vaccine is probably more dangerous than the virus itself as a number of complications resulting directly from the vaccine have been reported all around the country.

The real problem with all of the swine flu nonsense is that it has distracted the attention and resources away from the real, seasonal flu which is much more dangerous and deadly than H1N1.

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