Atlantic Yards Project OK’ed by Court

The Future of the Atlantic Yards

The Future of the Atlantic Yards

After three years of delay, the Empire State Development Corporation won another court battle against the people of New York in a 6-1 decision that stated that it is not up to the courts to interfere in developer Bruce Ratner’s plans to turn the Atlantic Yards into a bustling business area.

The New York Times claims that the win is the “last major obstacle” for Ratner who will soon be able to build a stadium for the Nets to play in as well as a number of office towers and shops around the arena.

Develop Don’t Destroy Brooklyn, the group that has been trying to beat back Ratner’s attempts to redevelop the Atlantic Yards says that he disagrees with the Times’ assessment of the situation and pointed out that there are still several pending lawsuits against the corporation and the battle for the rights of the people who live in the area has not yet been lost.

Despite attempts to fight the Empire State Development Corporation, claiming eminent domain, it appears that after three years, Ratner’s nearly $5 billion project will come to fruition, turning the Atlantic Yards into a major destination for sports fans, businesses, and tourists.

Earlier this month, the city also settled the delay with the redevelopment of Coney Island by buying out a chunk of land.

Slowly but surely, Brooklyn is turning into its own metropolis. With major redevelopment in the Atlantic Yards, Coney Island, Williamsburg, and seemingly everywhere else you look, Brooklyn will seemingly come out of the economic collapse the way it went into it, on the verge of becoming a major metropolis that may one day rival Manhattan as the dream destination of businesses and well-to-do New Yorkers who are looking to overpay for a condo overlooking massive traffic jams.

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