Cuomo Goes After Scamming Homeless Org.

Attorney General Andrew Cuomo

Attorney General Andrew Cuomo

In a high profile lawsuit, New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo is going after the United Homeless Organization, which New Yorkers know from the countless tables around the city of workers asking for donations to help the homeless. According the Cuomo, the organization is just scamming unaware New Yorkers into giving to the homeless, while much of the money simply goes into the wallets of the people running the “non-profit.”

After originally being brought to task by the Fox 5 News “Shame” team, the Attorney General is now going after the top two people at the United Homeless Organization for using a tax-exempt charity to simply fatten their wallets.

The lawsuit brings to light the inner workings of the UHO scam.

The United Homeless Organization is not a charity. According to the lawsuit, all they do is rent out tables and branded merchandise to the people that we all see soliciting donations.

While the people asking for donations say that the money goes to feed the homeless, the money only goes into the pockets of the heads of the organization and the people behind the tables.

The people who solicit donations on the street are usually poor or homeless. They have to rent out tables from UHO as well as the UHO aprons, tablecloths, etc. The fees go to the organization while the rest goes to the person behind the table.

The lawsuit seeks to disband the “non-profit” and asks that the UHO pay back an undetermined sum of money.

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