Thompson Is Said to Mull a Run Against Gillibrand

Comptroller Bill Thompson

Comptroller Bill Thompson

City Comptroller William C. Thompson Jr. made a bid for mayor this year, and is now contemplating challenging Kirsten E. Gillibrand in next year’s primaries, according to the New York Times.

Thompson gained a lot of popularity during his run for mayor, and surprisingly even almost won against Michael Bloomberg. Thompson is now going over several options.

He could challenge the state comptroller, Thomas P. DiNapoli, in the primary election or he could return to the private sector and run for mayor again in 2013.

The primary is only 10 months away, and Thompson is expected to make a decision on any type of state-wide bid by mid-January, at the latest.

A number of democratic politicians are privately urging Thompson to take on Gillibrand, who is not as popular. Her poll numbers are mixed and she is still struggling to find her political footing after being appointed, and not voted in by Governor David A. Paterson.

There has been speculation that Gillibrand might have tougher opponents than Thompson, however. Both Rudolph W. Giuliani and George E. Pataki are rumored to be running.

“I think Thompson would make a great candidate,” said Representative José E. Serrano, one of the most outspoken Democratic critics of Senator Gillibrand. “He is a progressive voice that hasn’t moved one way or the other over the years, and people would respect that.”

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