Thompson Running For Senate?

Former Comptroller Bill Thompson

Former Comptroller Bill Thompson

As rumors swirl about former New York City Comptroller William Thompson possibly running on Andrew Cuomo’s ticket in the governor’s race, Thompson is considering running on his own for the Senate.

Thompson’s persona grew when he nearly beat seemingly unbeatable incumbent Mayor Mike Bloomberg in the mayoral race despite being vastly outspent by Bloomberg and is now considering running for office again with much better name recognition.

Most recently, reports have surfaced that Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, who is planning to challenge Governor David Paterson in the Democratic Primary, wants to have a prominent African-American official to help him wrest the black vote away from Paterson.

The incumbent Senator, Kirsten Gillibrand, is a widely unknown and weak Democrat who will likely be challenged in the primary either way. Gillibrand was handpicked by David Paterson to take over Hillary Clinton’s vacated Senate seat.

If Thompson does challenge Gillibrand he would have a pretty good shot at winning the nomination but not much of a chance if he is challenged by a big name Republican like Giuliani in the general election.

The Democrats do not have many legitimate statewide candidates outside of Cuomo. Thompson could turn out to be a stronger candidate than Gillibrand but that wouldn’t be saying much. The Democrats could very well regret not pushing Paterson to select Cuomo for the Senate as he would have easily won reelection and Paterson would have saved himself a major primary challenge.

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