‘Twilight’ Themed Heroin Hits NYC Streets

Twilight Actor Robert Patterson

Twilight Actor Robert Patterson

These days, anything with the Twilight logo can make tons of money, and apparently NYC drug dealers are getting in on the action.

Drug dealers are now selling baggies of heroin stamped ‘Twilight’ and feature a cartoon of hottie Robert Patterson. These baggies have surfaced in Hempstead, Long Island, and are quickly making their way though New York City.

The Twilight inspired drugs were purchased by the Drug Enforcement Administration two months ago at a bus stop, but news sources have only gotten a hold of the information recently. New York’s special agent in charge, John P. Gilbride, says the drugs probably came from a city drug mill, and that tens of thousands of Twilight bags are probably on the streets.

“They’re selling heroin with the brand name of ‘Twilight’ in order to be attractive to teenagers and young adults,” Gilbride said, who added that heroin deaths are spiking in the region.

The baggies of heroin may have a relation to the book and the movie. In both, Edward tells his love interest, Bella, that her blood is his “own personal brand of heroin.”

New Moon, the sequel to Twilight, came out recently and broke all records. The movie had the third best opening weekend, making more than $140 million. The two movies who had the best opening weekends are “The Dark Knight” and “Spider-Man 3”.

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