Harajuku Girls Take Over U.S.

Harajuku Girls hanging out

Harajuku Girls hanging out

Harajuku, or Japanese street fashion has recently been popularized in the U.S. because of celebrities like Gwen Stefani.

New Yorkers think they have guts when it comes to fashion, but they have got nothing on the harajuku kids. They spend everyday walking around with the most mix-matched, crazy outfits. They do not have to go to an anime convention to look like their favorite manga characters. I admire them so much because while their outfits sound ridiculous, they can work them.

Check out the book “Fruits” by photographer Phiadon. These kids dress in every type of style, from Goth to punk to prep. One of the most popular outfits/styles that U.S. kids have caught on to is the gothic Lolita look.

The Elegant Gothic Lolita (EGL) is a style derived from Victorian and Edwardian fashion eras’, combined with the look of a porcelain doll. It originated in the 1970’s when brands like Milk and Pink house started making outfits that resembled Anne of Green Gables.

Harajuku is actually a place in Japan; it is a train station similar to New York’s Grand Central Station. To experience Harajuku at its best you have to visit on a Sunday. Hundreds of teenagers gather around hang out and shop, all dressed up. This is the fifth avenue of Japan. This has all the designer shops, ranging from American to Japanese.

Other outfits include accessories like huge Vivienne Westwood shoes, coffin shaped bags, makeup like they have in the craziest runway shows, kitty ears, knee-high striped socks in bright colors and lots of bright jewelry.

Here are some tips to dress up harajuku style:

Monkey see, monkey do: Look at the “Fruit” books and at photos online. You do not have to copy what other people are wearing, but rather, learn what this style is all about.

Layers! Shirts, vests, sweaters, cardigans, coats! Layers, layers, layers! Dresses and skirts with bright leggings or pants. It is all about dimensions. Ruffles can work too, to volumize your outfits.

Jewelry. Jewelry should big, bright and bold. Lots of bracelets, strange belts, cool hair clips and big earrings.

Go crazy with your hair and makeup. Remember those looks that you always see in magazines but do not have the guts to wear? Wear them. Wear them and work them.

Wear what you like and what looks good on you. The point of this style is not to rebel against the mainstream. It is to wear what you love best no matter what.

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