Winter Fashion

Red Lips Melt The Cold Every Season

Red Lips Melt The Cold Every Season

Winter is a tough time in New York City. We are a city driven by fashion, delayed by the weather. It can be freakishly cold in the city, and although we never have snow, we always have slush.

Well, here is a list of what to get to look hot in NYC this winter.

1) Either Platform Snakeskin Sandals, Or Booties

Whether PETA runs your life or not, snakeskin is in and currently being sold everywhere. People have gotten tired of the usual plain shoes, and leopard print is generally stereotyped as hooker-ish, so it was decided somewhere along the line that snakeskin is the new sexy, sultry, but not slutty shoe.

Then there are those lovely high-heeled booties that have been all over Vogue for the last few months. Booties are great because they are warm, comfortable and perfect to wear to work (or school) and are being sold everywhere. So for those of you who have the money, Prada has some amazing styles. Those of you on a budget will be happy to know that these shoes are being sold everywhere from Nine West, to Mandee’s and Rainbow.

2) Off The Shoulder Dresses (thank you Michelle Obama)

Since everyone saw Michelle O’s inauguration ball gown, designer’s haven’t stopped capitalizing on it’s popularity. Any kind of off the shoulder dress works, black, white, purple or rainbow. The world can’t get enough.

3) Boyfriend Jeans Are Out, But Boyfriend Blazer’s Are In!

This fall, your boyfriend’s, father’s, or even your mother’s old blazer’s from the 80’s are in. Power dressing seems to be the way to melt away the cold this season, and a strong-shouldered blazer is necessary to complete your look. Vogue suggests buying a Stella McCartney blazer for $2,085… as for the rest of us, there are thrift shops.

4) Tweed Skirts

Also going slightly back in time here – these were popular in the 60’s (among the non-hippies). Also made re-popular by Mrs. Michelle O. Tweed skirts are great when you want to have that fancy casual look. And, J. Crew sells some adorable, slightly cheaper alternatives.

5) Plaid Sherlock Holmes Coats

Brrr. When winter sets in and there’s snow and rain falling every other day, messing up your hair and make-up, Sherlock Holmes’ jacket may have solved the biggest mystery of how to still look hot this winter. These coats are almost knee length, and usually belted to show off your curves. Final decision? There coats are just elementary, my dear Watson(s).

6) The 40’s Power Suit

Seriously, designers have run out of idea’s because every line is pretty much from the 40’s, just re-vamped. At least 40’s suits are gorgeous and sophisticated. Lovely, form fitting blazers with a matching pencil skirt? Add some booties to that outfit and you’ll look like you just stepped off the runaway.

7) Shiny Necklaces

Whether you love silver or gold, big, shiny necklaces are in this season. These necklaces are made entirely of shiny metal and tons and tons of rhinestones (or diamonds). The shinyness coming from your neck will definitely distract you from the snow everywhere.

8) Baggy Cropped Pants

These are a great way to do something new and fashionable with your work clothes this year. Forget your boring old plain black (or grey) pants and swap them for these. These are slightly shorter, but still manage to look good with any type of shoes. These come with fancy fabric belts that are attached. These are sure to look great on anyone.

9) Classic Bags With Gold Chains

This timeless trend was created by Chanel decades ago, but is back this season (along with almost every other past trend). This bag is very classic, small and sleek, perfect for a night out.

10) Anything Red

Red is THE color this season. Complete your look with some bright red lipstick, buy a red dress or skirt, buy yourself some pretty red shoes that will stand out this season. When everything else is black and grey and bleak, some red on your outfit can brighten up any day.

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  • sarahbytedgh

    I like this fashion is timely since it showcases the forecasted colors for year 2010. Blue and silver are the major colors for 2010. I like to wear this kind of fashion since it gives me a contemporary look.

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