A 17-Year-Old Is Responsible For Chinatown Stabbing

Bellvue Hospital where victim Nelson Rafael Pena was taken after being brutally attacked

Bellvue Hospital where victim Nelson Rafael Pena was taken after being brutally attacked

The police have arrested a 17-year-old for the fatal stabbing that occurred in Chintatown two weeks ago.

The 17-year-old suspect, Victor Fong, was charged with second-degree murder after showing up at the Fifth Precinct station on Monday to surrender, with his lawyer.

The victim of the stabbing was 18-year-old Nelson Rafael Pena, who was coming home from work at the Local Foot Locker on November 18, when he was attacked by Fong, and brutally stabbed in the leg and chest. Pena’s friend, who was with them at the time, was also reportedly stabbed in the neck, but survived.

Investigators say the assault was not gang related.

On November 18, Mr. Pena and his friend were walking near Hester and Forsyth Street around 6 p.m., when they were attacked by two men they had a confrontation with a short time before. Police say that the stabbing was indeed over some type of dispute, although they do not know over what. Relatives of Mr. Pena said they learned that the attackers were upset “over a look.”

Parents and friends say Mr. Pena was athletic, and loved his job at Foot Locker in SoHo. Pena had grown up on Broome Street behind the Seventh Precinct station and was the middle child in a family of three boys and four girls.

“My son doesn’t carry weapons,” said Pena’s mother, Ms. Vasquez, in an interview. “He never had a chance to defend himself. He was a good kid.”

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  • You

    only 1 percent of all self defense cases are won. He will get what is coming and he will rot in jail.

  • Attorney in New York

    YOU are wrong!!! As an attorney, I would say that a high percentage of self defense cases are won. The fact of the matter is, if Fong was defending himself to prevent great bodily harm, then he had a right to use reasonable force to do so. From what I understand, he was surrounded by 15 or more hispanic youths who had struck him with pipes and huge wrenches. That is deadly force and it probably was met with the same. Pena was no innocent kid and is definitely a gang member. Look at the youtube video and all of the gang signs and gang buddies. Sorry! The facts are the facts!

  • Rectuant to say

    Okay, Mr. Attorney in New York. First and foremost you are under peculations when you say “for your understanding”, do you have “Facts”? Were you there?, and have you seen any videos of what took place? And please for you sarcasm apology re frame yourself there’s is no need for we know exactly what you can do with it!!! For you to come up in here and try to tarnish his name shame on you Mr. Attorney regardless what truly happen , he was a human being and his Family and Friends are still in mourning and another thing everyone is innocent until proven otherwise you should know that better then anyone. You must have facts not peculations. Mr. Victor Fong was not alone he was also with his group of guys so please right about now all we can do is wait for Justice to be serve. Mr. Fong turned himself in that does not make him a good person or a hero. He killed a person, if indeed there was 15 guys coming at him then Mr. Fong should of stabbed all 15 guys not just one and in that case why wasn’t Fong hurt in anyway ? So please do get your Facts straight you so call Attorney!!

  • Rectuant to say


  • Attorney in New York

    Is Pena a gang member or not?

  • Rectuant to say

    Well you tell me since you have the Facts?

  • dimples69

    Today is our Little Nelsons(Punchy) Birthday, he would of been 19 years old but was too soon taken away from us. Happy Birthday Little Nelson. I know God and his angels will be singing Happy Birthday to you, we miss you so much.

  • Dev

    First off I do not appreciate the negative comments. Let Punchy My friend & relative by marriage Rest in Peace. Maybe there should be more investigation. But let this be known Punchy/Nelson was very hardworking, knew how to carry himself well, enjoyed going to parties, && was a great person. I worked right around the corner from him in an department store, would see him each day working hard. And honestly this is coming from an athlete, a Grade A, scholar, a bright young man & a great person to judge character. So Anonymous and Third eye review you both Need to pack it up & lay off.

  • ...........

    okie, mr.new paper dude, u cant say victor was a bad perosn cuz if he was he wouldnt have trun himslef in. and i think there wold be a reason 4 the stabing like..duh it not like someone would stab someone if nothing happen! i think punchy did something wrong that got him piss….AND PPL STOP B****ING VICTOR ITS NOT ALL HIS FAULT LIKE WTF – –

  • notimeforfong

    i personally knew both punchy and victor. Needless to say both kids were “good” kids. punchy was funny, charming, and respectful and he did not deserve to die, his family has my deepest condolences. But victor, does not deserve time either because he too was funny, charming and very respectful. What happened that evening, should not have.

    regardless of how many of his friends were there and ready to fight, punchy should have left and should not have been there that evening as soon as he smelled a fight. he would still be alive had he not participated in this fight against victor.

    some people are saying victor is wrong for stabbing punchy and murdering him. but who would not defend themselves when they believe that their life was in danger. regardless of you nationality, there is no doubt in my mind that if you were being attacked you would not attack back and with whatever that can be used to help you protect your life.

    had punchy been alive, do you think victor would be? if this was the outcome punchy and his friends would be serving time. and would the pena/vasquez family members and friends be satisfied with punchy for serving time? i doubt. and the fong family would ask tht god punish punchy and hoped that he rot in jail.

    or had punchy been in victors position, would punchy not have resisted? if you knew punchy, you knew punchy would not have let a few punks beat him, he too would have pulled the weapon he was carrying and fight for his life.
    Punchy did not deserve to die, and although you are still grieving, you know had the situation been flipped you would not be okay with the circumstances that victor is facing as well. Victor does not deserve time either. The people who do deserve time are the people who teach kids it is okay to fight and escalate dumb shit.

  • victorshingdai

    I personally knew Victor for 8 years and we were more then friends we were brothers, Victor really is the good person everyone make him to be, please don't judge when you have never even met the man. Victor carried a knife for self defense, Nelson the victim came to ChinaTown with 15 of his homies looking for trouble. Victor pulled out the knife in self defense because the other party drew hammers and other weapons. In the other majority of states in this country where guns are legal in a situation like that your first instinct is to draw your gun and neutralize the threat, and that's what Victor did. Could the Situation been prevented? Sure. But when 15 minds come together to commit a crime It's hard to control a situation like that without having to use more force than usual and in this case Victor did what was necessary.

  • victorshingdai

    Punchy was a piece of shit and would have never benefited this society anyways, He's better off dead.

  • victorshingdai

    Punchy came thru wit his homies looking for what I guess He found, Rest In Piss bitch.

  • victorshingdai

    Punchy shoulda stayed home, I don't feel bad for him He got what he was looking for, Rest In Piss.

  • victorshingdai

    and what you say don't make sense, Fist? Motha fucka there was 15 heads. Punchy's group is pussy for tryna jump them. It wasn't gonna be no 1 on 1 fight nigga. Go to sleep

  • victorshingdai

    Eat who up? Eat Punchy up? Old Man shut the fuck up and get back on your respirator

  • victorshingdai

    Prison Safe Haven for Fong? Motha fucka that a Threat? We ain't scared, ChinaTown Down to Ride till this world falls apart, Holla homie.

  • victorshingdai

    He didn't turn himself in because He thought he was guilty, Victor acted as a Man and Let the law take it's course, He didn't want to be a running fugitive for his life. The fact that he turned himself in shows more that he is innocent than guilty, Guilty people stay running. Innocent people turn them self in to clear their own names.

  • victorshingdai

    Only Good reply here out of all reply, Sir were you a teacher of Victor and Punchy or what? Victor was like a brother to me, and I've been in Jail and I hated it. I can't even imagine what's Victor going through right now.

  • hatinondumbfuksfromdahood

    all this bullshit about walkin away; THAT SHIT DUN WORK! do u think if 15 guys come lookin for trouble in sumone else neighborhood would actually let u walk away? i agree in being a bigger person n walk away but this dun apply. do u think it will ever be settle if he had walk away? this would happen eventually.
    punchy was a good kid; BULLSHIT! why was he a gangsta; or in better words, wanna-be gangsta? he just a thug like da rest of his cru that left him to die! if he was real G he wouldnt be dead. this aint his first fight n im sure he instigated a couple of dem so he got wat he came for! fuk him! all them fukers deserve to die thinkin they da shit. shoulda known better not to fuk with da chinks in their hood, stupid ignorant fuks!
    its sad this had to happen but it had to happen. muthafukers like to pick on chinese people? this wat u get! an example had to be made.sad we had to sacrifice a 17yr old but it shoulda happen years ago. us chinese peeps aint here for ur entertainment! next time ur whole family might die! STAY DA FUK OUTTA CHINATOWN IF U AINT GOT REAL BUSINESS THERE! n if these fukers want it on chinese new year, bring it. i guarantee u'll see ur homie punchy. u gotta be a dumb fuk to wanna start some shit on CNY in ctown full of chnese people n cops but then again, they r stupid. when these fukers gonna realize u CANT FUK WIT DA CHINKS? they been on earth thousands of yrs before theres even a puerto rico or domincan or even a concept of europe. u niggas using shit made from us! bet u theres at least 10 items in ur house made in china. better yet, those hammers n pipes cops found coulda been made in china!

  • SaidandDONE

    to keep it real everyone has something to say…none of us will ever know the true story on why my lil brother is gone…they found the guy who was guilty of it.. it was all these dumbass lil dudes from smith that kept bringing beef to my bruther… and im totally glad they got victor, i have no feelings for that mans life whatsoever he can rot in hell for his sin! and this goes out to all u lil “gangstahs” how do ya sleep at night knowing it was yah fault nelson is gone?. yah sum cowards bc none of yah stepped up and sed yea i know who it was. cummon man thats sum bs bc if it wouldve been you who got killed nelson wouldve been either looking for the dude himself or helping out in tryna catch the bastard that killed you. After all nelson was a soldier, who recieved his wings on november 18th may you soul RIP lil brother i LOVE you TNP for life !


    I don't know anymore of how to live life after PUNCHY'S murder my life really went down hill.They say you grow stronger when you experience a tragedy.I just feel so weak.All this comments that has been written.I really wonder if it actual people that knows Punchy or is it people just tryin to start something.Could it be the lawyers in the murder case writing comments on this website or what? Well I'm so sick of false information.Is there anyone that knows to tell the truth .What happened to honesty these days.Will forever miss Nelson(Punchy).He really was a good person. No matter what bad comments they may write in this site about him.

  • sideliner

    da truth is nelson brought 15-20 hommies to beef in ctown n got their ass handed to him. plain n simple. victor was an innocent bystander who got caught up in sum shit n use wat he learn to survive. if u want true justice i think its been serve. nelson got wat he deserve. of course everybody's got friends n family but apparently nelson didnt think bout them before he commited this crime. u will not find da truth here cause that will incriminate da person whos gonna post n his hommies will never admit fault so this beef looks like will continue for sum time. wats really fuk up is this is gonna turn into a race issue n da next aggressor will be charge wit racial crimes.

  • SaidandDONE

    you have a point there and acctually i do know him… i basically grew up with him … but hey you know what the lord is watching and nelson is in his glory i know hes watching over us.. so god bless us and nelsons family..