Coolest NYC Museums

New York City is the center of the cultural universe and many people from far and wide come here to see our world-renowned museums. However, tourists aren’t the only ones who go to museums here in New York, many of the residents visit all the time.

Picking which museums to go to can be difficult. New York City museums are so diverse though, even the pickiest museum go-er can find a museum where they would have fun.

The Metropolitain Museum of Art

The Metropolitain Museum of Art

So here is the list of the coolest museums in New York that everyone MUST visit at least once, and not just the ones that the cultural universe says you must.

5) The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) – This museum was founded in 1929 as the first museum dedicated to contemporary art. They have the best selection of contemporary art around the world. From artists such as Andy Warhol to

4) Guggenheim Museum – This museum was designed by famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright, and is mainly known for it’s layout and design. The rare collection of art (though impressive) pales in comparison, as it is the strange layout that draws visitors.

3) American Museum of Natural History – This is an impressive museum for both kids AND parents alike. It opened in 1869, and includes a planetarium, a large collection of dinosaur bones, life-like dioramas that depict ancient and animal life, and Lucy, the world’s earliest human. Plus, the exhibits rotate regularly, so there is always something new to see.

2) Ellis Island Immigration Museum – This is a must-see for all New Yorkers, and non-New Yorkers. Most of us, or our families immigrated to the United States, and there is a good chance a lot of them came though Ellis Island. The museum was renovated for visitors, and depicts the history of immigration in America, in a place where history actually happened.

1) Metropolitan Museum of Art – Even those who hate art museums need to pay a visit to the met. The Met has an impressive collection of all types of art, and houses 2 million works of art. You can spend years going through all of their collections, but even if you only have an afternoon to spare, check out the Egyptian, Grecian, and Impressionist displays. You won’t regret it. This museum is world-renowned for a reason!

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