Bush Lost Afghanistan, bin Laden From The Start

binladenbushThough most people already knew, a Senate Foreign Relations Committee report made the fact that the United States missed a perfect opportunity to capture or kill Osama bin Laden at the very beginning of the war in Afghanistan official.

According to the report ordered by Foreign Relations Committee Chairman and former Presidential candidate John Kerry, the United States had an opportunity to capture bin Laden but blew it by sending much fewer troops than necessary, allowing bin Laden and his deputies to escape into the treacherous mountains of the region.

The report also makes it clear that bin Laden was exactly where the United States expected him to be, in the “cave complex” that bin Laden was holed up in when he helped lead Afghanistan guerrilla fighters against the Soviet Union.

The decision to not push harder to capture bin Laden was the first of many mistakes made by the Bush Administration on the war front.

John Kerry had long been blasting the Bush Administration for its incompetence in their supposed effort to capture the man behind the September 11 attacks but this report made it official.

This is among the first of many findings that are expected to pop up as people dig into the decisions made by Bush Administration officials and the President himself.

The report comes at a time that President Obama is planning on sending tens of thousands of additional troops to Afghanistan but…too little, too late.

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