Giants Have Nothing To Play For In Final Game

Manning Fumbles Away The Season

How things change. Just a few weeks ago the Jets were all but out of the playoff hunt and the Giants were ranked among the favorites to win it all. Today, the Jets are in control of their own playoff destiny while the Giants are completely out of the playoff picture.

As the Giants have fumbled away their playoff chances, many Big Blue fans have been wondering what happened to the team that opened the season 5-0? The Giants were frontrunners at the start of the season, only to lose seven of their next ten games. Even this …continue reading

Queens Congressman Was Paid By Ponzi Schemer to Talk to Hugo Chavez

Ah, the company we keep...

Though Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme commanded much of the media’s attention, a lesser recognized Ponzi schemer had a less high profile but seemingly more intricate scam going on with countless ties to politicians, CEOs, and media personalities including Gregory Meeks, a Queens Congressman.

According to the Miami Herald, Allen Stanford had fired one of the people who ran one of his banks in Venezuela. The person fired was none too thrilled and threatened to expose the fraud that we not know Stanford was orchestrating.

In response, the very powerful Stanford convinced Congressman Meeks (who is one of …continue reading

Can Senate Scum Monserrate Keep His Job?

Monserrate Being Arrested For Assault

It is a shame that one has to even ask whether or not a convicted criminal who was found guilty of cutting his girlfriend’s face will keep his cushy New York Senate gig but so is the world that Albany exists in.

After being found guilty of assaulting his girlfriend (while receiving a very light penalty), Monserrate must now has his Senate fate decided by the a special Senate committee who will decide whether being a convicted criminal actually warrants a person being kicked out of the most powerful legislative body in the state.

Still, according to the New …continue reading

Mets Sign Jason Bay to a 4-Year, $66 Million Deal

After months of stalling, the Mets finally filled one of their many lacking positions and signed a guy who they hope will be a huge force in the middle of the lineup as they inked former Red Sox outfielder Jason Bay to a four-year deal.

The contract guarantees Bay $65-66 million over the course of four years and has an option for a fifth year that kicks in if Bay stays healthy and meets the milestones for plate appearances over the course of his deal.

The deal makes the 31-year-old one of the highest paid outfielders in …continue reading

Best Places To Buy Dresses

Dresses from Wetseal are a great and cheap alternative!

Most women living in NYC spend a lot of time going out — which is why we need many, many dresses. So where are the best places to shop?

Topshop – We are so lucky that they finally opened a store in NYC, and New Yorkers have not been shy to reap the benefits. Their website is pretty great, and they offer a wide selection of dresses that range from borderline expensive to super expensive. If you were one of the lucky ones that got a holiday bonus, invest it in a dress from Topshop.

Wetseal – They have all the trends, the …continue reading

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