Paterson to Make Emergency Cuts

David Paterson

David Paterson

The state legislature has dragged its feet on budget cuts for more than a month and a half, despite the fact that New York is facing a complete economic collapse. Earlier this week, Governor David Paterson took matters into his own hands, going ahead with a plan that would allow him to make $1.6 billion in budget cuts and absorb any fallout by himself.

Seeing that Albany officials were much more worried about their jobs than fiscal responsibility, Paterson began to push for a plan that some have deemed truly courageous while others labeled as political suicide for a governor whose approval is already on life support.

Paterson announced that he would be moving forward with budget cuts on his own when he slammed the legislature saying, “I first presented my Deficit Reduction Plan on October 15, and since that time the Legislature has refused to take necessary action to maintain our State’s fiscal stability. As I said directly to New Yorkers last week, if legislators won’t face up to their responsibility and join me in making the tough decisions – I’ll do it myself. I will continue to fight every single day to keep New York State afloat in the midst of this historic economic crisis – with or without the help of the Legislature.”

The Times Union points out that December is the time that the state has to pay out its biggest sums, particularly to New York public schools.

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