MTA Continues Waste, Workers Get FT Pay For PT Hours

MTA Chief Jay Walder

MTA Chief Jay Walder

The MTA has been under the microscope for the last few years as their budget has been spread very thin and commuters have been asked to foot the bill for their complete and utter waste through higher fares. It appears that pressure to cut costs has not pushed the MTA to become more fiscally responsible and the Daily News reports that the agency has been paying workers who work part-time hours full-time wages.

The MTA has been doing a lot of track work since last year but only allows workers to work on outdoor tracks between 10:30 AM and 2:30 PM to ensure safety and to keep track work from slowing down rush hour trains.

The workers that have been working on the outdoor tracks work only those four-hours but get paid for a full 8 AM to 4 PM shift.

The article continues, pointing out that when the workers aren’t doing track work they are usually just sitting around, “reading, chatting, or doing other leisure time pursuits.”

The MTA is hoping to have workers start working more on the tracks on weekends but the MTA workers union has been strongly opposed to the idea and have threatened to stop any attempt to do this.

If you are wondering why the MTA is allowing this, look no further than the Transport Workers Union Local 100.

At no point in my time in New York City do I remember a time when the Union was not almost entirely in control of the MTA.

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