Sanchez Hurts Knee as Jets Make Playoff Push

Jets QB Mark Sanchez

Jets QB Mark Sanchez

As the Jets make an unlikely playoff push in the AFC, they summoned a man who has already won a championship this year, Yankee manager Joe Girardi.

The Jets asked Girardi to work on sliding with quarterback Mark Sanchez who has impressed fans with his legs as much as his powerful (though often inaccurate) arm.

The Jets had been worried about Sanchez’s playing style of late. Aside from his reckless disregard when passing or carrying the ball, the Jets are more worried about Sanchez seriously hurting himself sliding head first.

Sanchez had already sustained his first injury this past Sunday against the Panthers when the rookie quarterback tweaked his knee while being tackled. In the Jets slim victory over the Buffalo Bills, Sanchez disregarded the Yankee skipper’s advice and dove headfirst, slamming his knee against the ground in the process. He left the game one play later with a sprained PCL in his right knee. Both his knees are now hurt and his status for next week is in doubt.

The Jets are currently 6-6 after beating the Bills last night in a special game in Toronto.

Although they have a tough schedule heading down the stretch, the Jets hold on to an outside hope of making the playoffs. If they go undefeated for the rest of the season, they will finish with a 10-6 record which should give them a chance at a wild card spot.

The Jets probably can’t afford to go 9-7 because of how crowded that standing are right now. A 10-6 record would be a pretty tough feat to accomplish considering that they have to face the Falcons (although they might be without starting quarterback Matt Ryan and running back Michael Turner), the Bengals, and, worst of all, the undefeated Indianapolis Colts.

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