Bronx Coke Ring Run By Corrupt Cop

CocaineOfficer Juan Acosta, a nine-year veteran, is facing a life sentence right now for using his status to help a long-time friend, Yorick Rafael Corneil-Perez, run a cocaine ring. Supposedly, Acosta aided in distributing drugs by stealing cash from a rival drug dealer while pretending to be on police business. He would also provide tips on which streets would be heavily patrolled by other officers. In addition, Acosta is accused of transporting 22 pounds of cocaine from Long Island to the Bronx.

According to investigators, in 2005, Acosta had taken hundreds of thousands of dollars from another drug courier in what he claimed was a police sting, but never turned the money over to the NYPD. He took the money while driving a marked patrol car, and carrying his service weapon. This October, Acosta got busted by a government informant posing as a Colombian narcotics trafficker who got Acosta to agree to transport 10 kilos of cocaine into the city. Investigators say that 2 days later, Acosta was paid $15,000 for smuggling the drugs, which were actually fake narcotics.

So far, Acosta has pled not guilty, and since has resigned from the force. He and Corneil-Perez are both being held in custody without bail.

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