Four Tips On How To Feel Sexier

Red Lipstick Can Make Anyone Feel Sexy Always

Red Lipstick Can Make Anyone Feel Sexy Always

Women have a lot on their plates today. Between work, homework, kids, families, friends and boyfriends, it can be so hard to find time for you. Not only that, but running around all day can make you feel ragged! Every woman has something she does to make her feel a little sexier, but sometimes – there just isn’t time to go for that manicure, or that spa.

So here is a list of four simple things you can do that would make you look sexier, and feel sexier.

1) Red Lipstick, red lipstick, red lipstick! This is something that I always suggest in every fashion article I write! Not only is red lipstick always in style, it looks good on everyone. Even if you think there isn’t, take a good look around, there will be a shade that suits you. Nothing is as sultry as red lipstick. Even if you’re spending the day running around in sweats doing errands, a little red lipstick will help you feel HOT.

2) Ditch the ponytail. Most men prefer women with their hair down, and even scientific studies prove it. While some women find this annoying, it is pretty easy to get used to. And every girl will soon learn, leaving your hair down and slightly messy can make you feel super hot and feminine.

3) DIY Nails and Toes. Take five minutes before you go to bed and paint your nails yourself! No point in wasting time and money at a salon. Painting your nails and toes with your favorite color can make you feel just a tad more glamorous every day.

4) Get some sexy underwear! Ditch the cotton granny panties and get a bunch of lacy thongs and g-strings. Even if no one else gets to see it, do it for yourself. You’ll always remember that underneath the work clothes and stress, lies a sex kitten.

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