Hofstra Ends Football Program

Hofstra Football Coach Dave Cohen

Hofstra Football Coach Dave Cohen

Beginning a trend that is expected to hit a number of colleges around the country, Hofstra University has put an end to their lackluster football program citing big financial losses and lack of popularity.

Stuart Rabinowitz, the President of Hofstra University, told the press that while it was a difficult decision to cut the football program, the $4.5 million that the program costs the college annually is much more than the college could ever hope to make in revenues.

The Hofstra Pride has never been anything to write home about. Ever since 1991 they have been playing in NCAA Division I-AA.

It’s last winning season was in 2007 when the Pride went 7-4 but the team hasn’t really been relevant since 2001. This year they are 5-6.

As universities all around the country struggle through the financial crisis, more colleges are expected to drop their football programs entirely, particularly non Division I-A schools who do not make the type of money that a team like USC or Florida State could make from media contracts, ticket sales, and merchandise.

Northeastern University in Boston also announced the end of their football program just two weeks ago.

The cuts don’t stop at football, however. While football programs are costliest to run, other sports that do not garner popularity in schools will also be cut. There is talk about Hofstra also cutting their lacrosse program.

The problem comes from the fact that the NCAA has made college sports entirely about business than anything else. Although the NCAA prohibits amateur athletes from receiving pay or even gifts, the league and major schools have made college sports a multi-billion-dollar industry.

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