Mayor Bloomberg Decides To Drop Initiative To Make City Greener

Mayor Michael Bloomberg at an enironmental themed event

Mayor Michael Bloomberg at an enironmental themed event

Recently, Mayor Michael Bloomberg has been pushing building owners (whose building are at least 50,000 square feet) to undergo audits to determine where they could cut greenhouse emissions, and pay for the renovations to make those improvements. However, after receiving intense opposition from building owners, the Mayor has left it up to the owners to decide whether or not they would like to go through with the audits.

The reason that building owners do not want to go through with these audits is because they say that the repairs would be way too costly. About 22,000 buildings would have been affected.

If this plain would have gone through, it would have put New York far ahead of other cities and states that are getting involved in the green-buildings movement. Most cities now require newly built buildings to be energy efficient, though this rule doesn’t apply for existing properties.

“It’s another unfunded mandate, and this is just not the time for it,” said Stuart Saft, chairman of the Council of New York Cooperatives and Condominiums, an opponent of the plan. “Come back in five years when we’re past this recession. At this point it’s just a slap in the face.”

The plan was announced by Mayor Bloomberg and City Council Speaker, Christine C. Quinn on Earth Day, and drew praise from former Vice President and environmentalist, Al Gore, and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger of California.

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