MTA Gets Budget Cut, Won’t Raise Fares Till 2011

MTA Chief Jay Walder

MTA Chief Jay Walder

As the state cuts the budget for every state agency (except the legislature, of course), the fiscally irresponsible MTA will have $140 million less to waste next year.

The agency got its budget slashed by $140 million under the state deficit reduction plan in the legislature, $30 million more than they had expected. Despite the cuts, MTA head Jay Walder has said that he wont raise fares this year and wait until 2011 when the fare is scheduled to go up by another 7.5 percent.

Instead, the MTA is expected to cut services and continuing to make New Yorkers pay much more for much less. Although Walder has yet to say how he expects to make up for the cuts, he may consider making full-time workers work more than four hours a day.

Walder told the press “We have a responsibility now to be able to try to show how we can tighten our belt and how we can do things more efficiently and productively.” Those are very strong words from a man heading up an agency known best for their money mismanagement, poorly planned projects, and the stranglehold that the MTA workers union has on the agency that prevents the MTA from even attempting to do anything drastic.

At the very least, New Yorkers have to deal with service cuts this coming year and see their fares go up yet again in 2011 when the state legislature has scheduled another hike (and then another one in 2013).

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