Store Owner Shows Mercy to Broke Robber

Mohammad Sohail

Mohammad Sohail

In an unlikely feel good story, a would-be robber had his attempt thwarted by a shotgun wielding store owner, only to walk away with $40 and a loaf of bread.

The incident originally occurred in May.

As store owner Mohammad Sohail was closing up shop around midnight, a robber carrying a bat demanded that he empty out his register. Rather than complying, Sohail quickly grabbed a shotgun that he kept under his counter.

The robber quickly dropped his bat and began to plead with Sohail explaining that he had lost his job and could not feed his family. Incredibly, Sohail listened.

Even more incredibly, Sohail decided to give the man $40 and a loaf of bread before letting him go rather than calling the cops.

According to Sohail, the suspect thanked the man and ran off after promising to end his life of crime.

Sohail told the Daily News that he was no hero, he simply felt pity on the man and his situation. “I feel really good because I helped someone,” Sohail told the Daily News. “Everyone should help each other. … I did this because he had problems.

Ironically, crime has not really gone up in New York since the financial crisis started so this has not been as common as one might expect.

In either case, the financial crisis has left both New York state and New York City reeling due to major deficits and high unemployment. In Brooklyn alone, the unemployment is around 11%, exceeding the national average.

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