Giuliani Takes Olympics Job, Unlikely to Run For Office

Rudy Giuliani has taken a job as a security consultant for the 2016 Rio Olympics and many believe will now not run for any kind of political office any time soon.

Giuliani, under whom crime rates dropped in New York City while the city was the victim of terrorist attacks twice, will help Rio clean up their streets in time for the Olympics that have just been awarded to them. Rio has an incredibly high rate of violent and non-violent crime, a major worry for leaders as the biggest sporting event in the world makes its way to South America for the very first time.

Though Giuliani has been widely criticized for his record on terrorism prevention, he is often given a pass for his questionable tactics in decreasing the crime rate.

Giuliani was originally expected to run for Governor in 2010 but bowed out of the race, not wanting to lose yet another election, seeing how much support Attorney General Andrew Cuomo is getting.

After announcing that he would not run for governor, some expected him to run for Senate, a weakness for the Democrats whose candidate, Kirsten Gillibrand, has never won a statewide election and is not well known.

With Giuliani having taken this job, it is unlikely that he will run for any office in the near future. While some Giuliani supporters had wanted to see him make another run at the presidency after an embarrassing run in 2008, it would be unlikely that he would do any better in 2012.

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